Wovember is coming

I know that November is NaBloPoMo month but it is also Wovember – a chance to embrace and celebrate all things wooly.  The Yarn in the City ladies have an Instagram based photo challenge going on.  Be sure to check out the Wool=Wellness posts too.

Time to say goodbye to October.  It has been a busy month but so many beautiful, crisp fall days.  I have really enjoyed taking our tiny person to the park and watching him explore.  I haven’t done as much running as I had hoped but I think I am edging back into it.  I am contemplating joining a fitness center for the dark, cold months ahead.  And I have promised myself that if I lose just a few more pounds, I will get a new FitBit.  I finished a few knitting projects and got back to writing in this space.  My journals have seen some regular attention and there has been some good reading progress.
How about you?  Was October a good month?

Published by Juliann

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5 thoughts on “Wovember is coming

  1. I am all in for daily blog posts in November; I might just borrow a few of those Wovember ideas, too! October has been a good month overall – at least it was nice to be home for 31 straight days!

  2. Wovember sounds like fun!!! Thanks for sharing the details. (And I’m a gym-rat, so I’m in the JOIN camp. I couldn’t get through the cold, dark winter without my gym. . .) XO

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