Unraveled Wednesday – why I love wool,

I have been knitting with this yarn and it seems to be pulling the moisture from my hands. But I do love this wool. It has a spring to it. I just need to remember to use my hand cream after putting my yarn away each day.

My love for wool has changed in the last five years. And that change is directly connected to discovering the Knit British. The idea of local wool, of real wool (instead of the acrylic I had been using) was fascinating to me. I began to look for local yarn shops and did a fair amount of wool squishing. And I noticed that my hands did not ache as much when I used wool.

It has been so much fun learning about the different kinds of wool, especially as we got ready to head to Shetland last summer. And I found that we have some amazing yarn shops and local yarns right here in my backyard. Loving wool has brought much joy into my life these last few years.

So, why do you love wool? And do you have a favorite hand cream?

Be sure to visit Kat for more wooly stories and check out the Wovember posts on Instagram.

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11 thoughts on “Unraveled Wednesday – why I love wool,

  1. I remember when I started knitting with wool (over acrylic) and my oh my! My hands were happy and the tactile messages were phenomenal. Quality wool is a dream to work with 🙂

  2. I do love wool, but I think I might love wool differently after I listen to some episodes of Knit British! It looks like a terrific podcast, and I might need to try that hand cream also. I’ve settled on Lubriderm, but am always willing to try something new (that works)!

  3. I love spinning and knitting with wool.
    Recently I have been spinning gently washed fleece, or fleece in the grease. the fleece isn’t dirty, it has lanolin left in it. my hands feel so soft after spinning there is no need for lotion after knitting. knitting with the yarn reminds me of some of the wool I was able to buy when my children were small.

  4. I love wool! I love it for it’s amazing properties that keep us warm, for it’s versatility in taking on color, and for the experience of knitting with it. For handcream, I like Aveeno hand lotion and also the hand cream from Senegence.

  5. I absolutely adore wool and truthfully, it is the only think I like to knit with. And, I have big plans for a Lopi Winter! I am off to check out that handcream! Thank you!

  6. I adore wool!!! Sometimes, though, wool does not adore me. . . Some of it (although, thankfully, not all of it) makes me itch. (I knit a Stopover a couple of years ago in Lettlopi . . . and had to give it to my daughter. Even with a turtleneck, it was just too itchy for me.) I’m much better off with merino — or with something (like cashmere!) mixed in with my wool. As far as hand lotion goes, I splurge on some really fine stuff: Re-Nutriv Intense Smoothing Hand Creme from Estee Lauder. It is ourageously overpriced — yet so wonderful and effective that I buy it anyway. (A very little goes a very long way, so it lasts a long time and is wonderful on dry, “old” hands.) XO

  7. I appreciate the tips about the hand cremes and the discussion about wools, I’m not much of a knitter to have enough, if any experience to offer anything to this illuminating post and conversation.

  8. Wool — in any form — is definitely my favorite thing to knit. But living in Georgia, I also knit a fair amount of linen, silk and cotton. and I’m always looking for a good hand cream. Great suggestions in the comments!

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