Unraveled Wednesday

Last night I had to face the music and do a bit of unraveling on my sweater. I sailed through the neckband and conquered the short rows. But then I made a big mistake. I didn’t read the instructions thoroughly and instead of one row of M1 increases followed by 10rows of stockinette, I made 4 rows of the increase. Argh! I tried unknitting but missed a few stitched, twisted a few stitches and in the end, decided to frog and start again. Fortunately this was very early in the making so I don’t think it will take me too long to get back on track.

On the reading front, I am really enjoying All Over Creation. Yesterday I got a new book in the mail and tonight I am going to hear Sarah Ballantyne talk about that book. I love all the science behind food and health. And I think I will have just enough time to get my sweater back in the needles so I can take my knitting along.

Happy Wednesday. Be sure to visit Kat today for more unraveling stories.

Published by Juliann

Recently retired and ready for adventure

7 thoughts on “Unraveled Wednesday

  1. interesting book, I bet the talk will be informative. Bummer about the unknitting but hopefully you’ll be back on the right knitting path. (you should join the gym! I am very happy with my personal trainer)

  2. I hate to see real unraveling on Unraveled Wednesday, but am glad you caught it near the beginning and can hopefully get it cast back on before the author talk this evening.

  3. Juliann – nearly all of my actual unraveling comes from mistakes just like yours… reading the pattern seems easy, but sometimes executing is hard! I’m sure you’ll be back on track quickly; the second (third, fourth, …) time around is always easier. Enjoy that book talk. Sounds very interesting!

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