Monogamous knitting

I am a distracted knitter, so easily pulled away by pretty new projects and knit alongs. But I am determined to make that sweater so I spent the last few days being a monogamous knitter and I am happy to report that I am back on track. Last night I moved to the next section of the yoke and it really is a lovely pattern. Now I need to look up how to do a Sunday short row so I can get going on that little vest. Goodbye monogamous knitting!

Happy Saturday.

Published by Juliann

Recently retired and ready for adventure

5 thoughts on “Monogamous knitting

  1. Sunday Short Rows are my favorite short row method – almost invisible and her tutorial is really easy to follow. I think a bit of variety in your knitting is a good thing – but monogamy does make the project go faster!

  2. Your little sheep stitch marker is adorable. Now I must go off to GOOGLE what a Sunday Short Row is. Happy knitting . . . monogamous or otherwise!

  3. Being the “wanna be” knitter that I am, almost everything about knitting – tho’ I’ve toyed with it for over – well, I won’t say how long – monogamous knitting is totally new to me…definitely off to check that out! Love the accompanying photo…it’s so filled with detail…

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