Unraveled Wednesday

It was a good week for knitting. I got back on track with my sweater and will separate for the sleeves this evening. I finished a hat made with some hand spun, hand dyed wool that was a gift. I am almost finished with All Over Creation and I picked up this lovely magazine because I very much want to make that cover quilt. I know I have plenty of fabric all I need is some time. And time is coming. No out of town company this Thanksgiving so that will give me some lovely hours to plan and cut and stitch.

Happy Wednesday. Be sure to visit Kat to be inspired.

Published by Juliann

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11 thoughts on “Unraveled Wednesday

  1. That is a lovely shade of green in your hat, and it’s also lovely to look forward to the gift of time for quilt planning and making. Enjoy!

  2. I too like that quilt and have added it to my list to buy…looks like a fun make. I’ve had so much fun making the Top This hats…going to branch out a bit and go for socks…one almost done and one to begin…

  3. I LOVE that cover quilt – so glad you’ll have time next week to get started, because I’m going to be enjoying the process vicariously! (We are also home without company next week and I have BIG plans for all that time alone!)

  4. Love the squishy hat and the color. Yay for being back on track with knitting. Looking forward to seeing your sweater- now I need to get back on track with mine.

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