Hello Saturday


Just curious.  Anyone planning to join in with the Project Peace 2017 KAL? I very much want to start planning for this but I also want to be realistic.

I finished All Over Creation and I very much liked it. There were so many themes that touched my own life and characters that I liked. I am not sure what comes next. I have two audio books ready to go but I have neglected my podcasts so maybe I will play catch up before I start another book.

Happy Saturday. Mine is a rare one with not one single thing on my calendar – just what I need.

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9 thoughts on “Hello Saturday

  1. A Saturday with a blank calendar is a treat! I think I’m skipping Project Peace this time around. I’m all about peace but I have other things I want to be knitting right now.

  2. Contemplating starting it…even if I do no more than purchase the pattern and see if there’s any yarn in my stash…I like the concept of the donation to causes and the idea of knitting peacefully in Dec…tbc.

  3. What a treat . . . a Saturday with nothing planned! I hope you enjoyed your unscheduled day. XO
    (I am planning to knit Project Peace. I probably won’t keep up time-wise, but I really enjoyed filling my days with peace-ful thoughts last year, and I look forward to doing it again this year.)

  4. oooh, a “free day” – hope it was restful. I’m undecided about Project Peace … need to check out the stash!

  5. I plan to participate in Project Peace – but I am starting it later – most likely after Christmas. That is what I did last year.

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