10 questions

As we head into Thanksgiving celebrations, Kathy’s Monday Q&A provided the perfect post content today.

1) Do you knit anything from memory without a pattern?

Only hats. I have a basic pattern in my head that I use for most of my donation hats.

2) What is your healthy goal for Thanksgiving through New Years Eve ?

a) Lose a few pounds – I am actually hoping that I can keep on the losing streak through the end of the year – just need to make sure the sweet leftovers go home with someone

3)Have you ever given up on a yarn?

Yes – I was given a few skeins of a textured yarn that was too hard to use – kept snagging and splitting – so I donated or.

4) When you take a road trip, where do you stop for a snack or a meal?

Only if it is more than 6 hours

5) What is your favorite state to drive through? 

I loved driving through Ohio and Pennsylvania

6) Does anyone polish silver anymore?  

Not me

7) Do you own a knit themed coffee mug?

No but I have had my eye on a few

8) You have been asked to knit a scarf for a movie. What movie do you want your scarf in?

Lord of the Rings

9) Miracle Whip or Mayonnaise?


10)Something you are thankful for today…

Peaceful diversions like blogging and knitting

Published by Juliann

Recently retired and ready for adventure

8 thoughts on “10 questions

  1. ooohhh, fun list! I don’t knit anything from memory – even for simple socks I have to check the pattern to do the heel turn. and I do still polish silver (which reminds me – I have a few pieces to clean up for the holidays!)

  2. Fun list! It made me stop and think . . . I don’t believe I knit anything from memory. (But I bet I could, if I had to.) 😉 And I love to polish silver. It’s just about the best instant-gratitude activity around. XO

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