When I was sorting and purging yarn a few weeks ago, I set aside some skeins that will become donation hats. I have three hats ready to drop off at church next week and I am ready to cast on another hat this week. I hope to finish at least three more hats this month for one of the organizations that our knitting group is supporting.

I am loving the Project Peace shawl and inching my way toward to color work section of my sweater. In other making news, I have begin to appliqué some wool circles on a piece of felted wool to make a project bag. I also decided not to make a December daily paper project (that is a sanity choice) but I am trying to do some journaling each day this month in my planner.

Thanks to Erin for motivating me to create this #makersmadeitmonday post. Stop by and see what she is up to this week.

Published by Juliann

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7 thoughts on “#makersmadeitmonday

  1. No paper project here this year, either (wasn’t even tempted, for maybe the first time in 10 or so years). your charity hat yarn is going to make some very warm heads … what a wonderful gift!

  2. I am also loving Peace Knitting, but I made some alterations and selected a different patter that would work better with my yarn choice! I look forward to seeing your shawl!

  3. I love how you’ve decided to say yes to the projects that matter to you and no to the ones that don’t. You’ve made me rethink my strategy for creating this December.

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