Unraveled Wednesday

This week I am choosing peace and calm over perfection and unraveling.

I am loving the Project Peace pattern but I misread one of the sections and my stitch count was off. Instead of unraveling, I decided to add a few extra repeats for the next few sections and get back on the stitch count. I don’t think anyone will ever notice.

I ordered this lovely Advent devotional and then set it aside for the start of Advent on December 3 only to discover that this devotional started on November 30. There was a time when I would have set the book aside but not this year. This year I choose to see this as another opportunity to practice peace and to do a few extra readings over the next week.

How are you choosing Peace this month?

Published by Juliann

Recently retired and ready for adventure

8 thoughts on “Unraveled Wednesday

  1. Good on you for choosing a new way of dealing with things that might have gotten you bogged down in the past. I’m working on peace by planning ahead and putting limits on what I expect of myself.

  2. I love the choices you made! I’m practicing saying No a little more this month so I have flexibility to say YES to spending time with family and friends and simply enjoying the season.

  3. I find the daily posts for Project Peace have been especially comforting over these past nine days…I’ve not begun the project but am applying the concept to let go and be in the moment. To be continued, for sure…

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