3 important things..

Over the last year, life has been quite the roller coaster ride. Each time we think that we are coming to a resting place, another crazy curve comes to sweep us up. I have learned some important life lessons. Here are three that are on my heart today.

  1. Important has a new meaning. Things that used to sit at the top of my list are falling to the bottom, right where they should be.
  2. I have an amazing husband, two fantastic daughters who married wonderful men, and a super sweet baby boy – enough said.
  3. Good friends are few and far between, I mean really good friends, the kind who listen with their hearts. I have a few and that also is enough.

This month and into the year ahead, I want most of all to be rooted in gratitude and love.

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Published by Juliann

Recently retired and ready for adventure

13 thoughts on “3 important things..

  1. I so totally agree with your post. This year has certainly had its challenges for us (two major moves in one year). But, I have a wonderful husband, friends I can count on AND I’m learning to let an awful lot of things GO!

    Wishing you a wonderful day!

  2. These are indeed three of the most important things. Learning them is often difficult, but I think we can be much happier and experience more peace when we begin to learn what’s really important.

  3. The older I get, the more clear these lessons become! Thanks for sharing these very important life lessons. Gratitude and love are really what it’s all about. XO

  4. This message is one I shall refer to frequently. Too often we allow totally non-important things to consume our lives…and that’s not at all needed or sensible. Thank you for this exceptionally well-stated reminder. Three things YES!

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