Planning, paper, and all things analogue

Let me begin by saying I am a paper geek. I love notebooks and making lists. I use a lot of index cards. The last few years, I have tried to use note making apps on my phone but it really isn’t working – too easy to dismiss those reminders. And there is something about using a pen and writing notes and lists. That process seems to really plant the task in my head. So today I am wondering if you ever tried bullet journaling? I have used bullet journaling for my work notebook for a few years but I am contemplating using it in my personal notebook for 2018. I love lists and I have plenty of empty notebook inserts for my everyday carry. I am using a week on one page calendar for events and reminders but I feel like a list making system might help me get the year off to a good start.

I am not trying to wish away 2017 but isn’t it fun to begin to dream about the new year?

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8 thoughts on “Planning, paper, and all things analogue

  1. your notebooks are so pretty! I am a big lister … and pretty much 100% on paper. We do use Alexa to help us keep up with items we need at the store (it’s so easy to holler our “Alexa, add diced tomatoes to the shopping list” when we use the last can 🙂 but I even copy those things to paper when I shop. …and yes, the prospect of a shiny new year, full of blank pages, delights me too!

  2. I too have an addition to stationery and all the pens. I am surprised I have yet to get into bullet journaling as every time I see a beautiful journal, like yours, I drool.

  3. I am also a pen-and-paper lover/user. I have been bullet journaling for three years now. It took me awhile, but I have adapted a bu-jo system that works very well for me. I do not mix my personal journaling or art-making with my bullet journaling — mine is simply a system of daily plans, habit-tracking, and lists. It’s also decidedly utilitarian — no fancy caligraphy or clever designs in my bu-jo. (I have other journals for other purposes.)

    Your journals are so lovely! I just use plain, old Leuchtturm 1917 books for my bullet journal. . .

    1. That sounds just like my system! I love my Leuchtterm. I divide it into sections and add little tabs so I can go from my weekly schedule to my lists section. I even divide my lists into work, personal, book notes, etc. so that I have designated spaces for all of my different thoughts (and a chance to find them again when I need them!) Not much doodling in mine, though, either.

  4. It is wonderful to dream about a New Year! I am not a bullet journaler, I tried but not successfully. I am not a “doodler” though, but I do love a list. I do a weekly list and that works really well for me!

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