Three on Thursday

I just love orange so here are three lovely orangish things:

My younger daughter gifted me a beautiful bible for Christmas;

My older daughter signed me up for a tea of the month subscription that started with a lovely chai tea blend;

And I gifted myself a folio subscription and the first notebook arrived yesterday. It will be perfect fo my scripture study notes in 2018.

I have been playing with ideas for my 2018 one little word.  I wasn’t going to do an album but as I was doing some decluttering, I find that I still have quite a few pages for a 6×8 album so maybe.  My word is TODAY.  What word will you choose?


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10 thoughts on “Three on Thursday

  1. My word for this year is: MAKE

    It can be a variety of things: Make TIME, Make AN EFFORT, Make IT RIGHT . . . .

    Wishing you the very best 2018 with all your hopes and dreams coming true!

  2. “Oh I Like Your Word!” I said out loud [to myself ]when I read your post! I like it a lot! I probably have a dozen or so words floating around and I’m going to keep 2017s – I have 3 – + add one or two for 2018. More next week…
    Your bright orange is a good picker-upper…and the tea looks tasty. Enjoy!

  3. I love your gifts- that tea looks delicious for a cold day! I’ve got one word that is my motto every year and I hope I get better at it every year- LOVE! I am so easy to judge others but I really just want to love others unconditionally.

  4. I wish I could pick a word, but I tend to not do that. I am crafting up some goals but they’re floating in my head and not documented as of yet. I’ll probably forget them!! Love your bible!!

  5. Love the orange! The sojourner’s are beautiful. I keep looking at them, but haven’t pulled the trigger…mainly because I can’t figure out what size any of them are. Amazing photography on the site, but not enough information to get me to spend the money :). I guess I’ll keep admiring on instagram until I can no longer resist!!

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