Use your beautiful things TODAY


I have many beautiful things that I am saving for just the right time, just the right project, just this right . . . what?

Inspired by my one little word, I am going to start using my beautiful things more often. Today I am planning to put pen to this beautiful notebook. After chatting with Honore, I joined the winter session of The Journaling Club. It feels a bit out of my comfort zone but stretching is good too.

This yarn has been on my shelf too long. I think I have a pattern idea but I know for sure that it will be a part of my knitting line up in the month ahead.

What beautiful things do you have that are longing to be used?

Enjoy your Friday.

Published by Juliann

Recently retired and ready for adventure

11 thoughts on “Use your beautiful things TODAY

  1. Good ideas! I’ve been using my china (which was my Mom’s) and my silver (also my Mom’s) recently. I used to use it only at holidays and special times…but now our son and his girlfriend host most holidays and I just love the dishes so much. Things that I have been saving for “best” I am beginning to use now. Best IS now!

  2. Use that china, wear that special jewelry, use that special yarn or fabric! YES! I try to. When I lose something or it breaks I get a bit sad, but that is better than it sitting in a box or shelf not being used.

  3. So true, Juliann! I’ve been trying more and more to adopt the USE IT TODAY attitude. Because, really. What are we waiting for? Thanks for this most excellent reminder. XO

  4. Wonderful reminder, Juliann! I love using the china and crystal my mom gave me … makes “every day” seem more special!

  5. Well said, Juliann. This post is my favorite. For me it always comes down to the yarn. I have many skeins that are just sitting there and really need to become something beautiful.

  6. I am finally knitting with some stash yarn that I bought over a year ago. Thats a long time for me. I love your post and agree with ANDI it always comes down to the yarn. Cant wait to see what pattern you match to that pretty natural yarn

  7. Reading this post reminded me that just the other day I said to myself I need to use our dishes more. – and they are not just my Mom’s china… TODAY’s the day to begin! Thanks!

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