I appreciate people who remind me to pay attention to those tiny moments in my life. Michelle is one of those people. She recently asked this question:

What is it that I wish to cultivate?

Isn’t that a great question? I heard a similar question in Ali Edwards‘ One Little Word class. Ali wonders what we might be curious about this year. Great questions.

I have been struggling with my blog writing this month. And how did it get to be the last full week of the month? It was cold yesterday afternoon but the sky was blue and dry so we picked up our tiny person and headed to the park. This was grampa’s first time to get out of the house since his surgery last week and the first time to visit the park with us. It was very fun to stand back and watch these two explore.

And now I’m thinking, maybe Tuesday’s will be for #tinytinymoments. Maybe.

Published by Juliann

Recently retired and ready for adventure

10 thoughts on “#tinytinymoments

  1. how wonderful that your tiny person got to explore the playground with his grampa!! I’m a seats-of-her-pants blogger, but I kind of love the idea of ttmTuesdays. (especially if you get to share bits of your time the tiny person!)

  2. Well, you’ve made me smile with this! I would love for you to continue playing with the tag #tinytinymoments…and setting a regular day for yourself might be a nice little nudge on the calendar.
    Looking for these little bits tucked into our days is truly rewarding. You’ll see how they add up and fill your heart.

    And taking the tiny person to the park? Always a good idea đŸ™‚

  3. Great idea! Especially when focused on those tiny moments with tiny ones…I think, too often, we don’t stop to take in all the tiny moments that make up our “one wild and precious lives…”

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