Weekends are complicated around here and too often end up being as busy as the work week. This weekend the forecast was rain and more rain and perhaps some wind thrown in. But Saturday morning I checked my weather app and saw a small window of dry skies so I texted my daughter – Want to go for a hike? She quickly texted back – Sure!

When we met up, the rain seemed to be committed to sputtering but the trail I chose is very wooded so we would be protected a bit. And once on the trail, the rain stopped! Huzzah! The trail was very muddy but the greens of the moss and leaves was well worth the splattered pants and mud caked boots. Best of all, the rain held off most of Sunday so the driving I needed to do was on dry roads.

I also made some very good progress on my Birkin sweater and had time to do some reading and writing and best of all, a morning with my favorite tiny person who is having so much fun with a large produce box.

How was your weekend?

Published by Juliann

Recently retired and ready for adventure

8 thoughts on “Weekending

  1. That green! It makes me hungry for spring. . .
    Weekends around here are often as busy as the rest of the week. Crazy in a different way! I’m glad you had some time with your tiny person — and extra glad you were able to find a window in the weather to spend some time outside. XO

  2. GREEN! My weekends are usually more full than the weekdays even without the work. I look forward to Mondays …

  3. Love all that green! Soon, it will be spring in these parts, too…I spent both Sat/Sun enjoying an opera and a museum visit with a couple friends…perfect.

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