Unraveled Wednesday

There was a wee bit of unraveling this week. I was making good progress on my Birkin sweater until I got to the end of a row and had one extra stitch. Argh! I went back and found the mistake just a few stitches from the start of the row. So I frogged back and started again. I was happy that it was just one row and not multiple rows that needed unraveling. I have three rows left in the last chart for the yoke. Then I will try it on and measure for the sleeve divide. I am looking forward to some simple stockinette for the body. Now to resist casting on something new before I finish something. I feel a case of castonitis coming on.

I am just pages away from finishing The Immortalists. I started listening to The Bright Hour. Both of these books have me thinking about the memories and stories we leave behind.

Did you see the moon this week. We have had a few clear nights and it is an amazing sight. Be sure to look up.

Published by Juliann

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8 thoughts on “Unraveled Wednesday

  1. LOVE the colors in your Birkin! I started listening to The Immortalists yesterday and oh my goodness – good thing I’ve got plenty of knitting (and not much else) on the calendar today so I can hear more of the story.

  2. Your Birkin is gorgeous!! And, I am eagerly awaiting my turn to read The Immortalists! And, you are so right, it is always a good idea to look up!

  3. The Birkin! My colors! Lovely! Definitely adding it to my “someday maybe” list.Glad you didn’t have more than a row to unravel! Envy that you might’ve seen the moon’s eclipse too…did you?

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