Friday’s rabbit hole

I have fallen down a lovely, yarn filled rabbit hole. I finished the color work on my Birkin and I am going to give the yoke a soak and blocking to make sure the fit is right before starting the body. And while I wait, I did a bit of swatching and I have enough yarn for a Stopover which means I can join in the Berroco KAL. This will be my first bottom up sweater and I am a bit nervous but the yarn is in my stash and the pattern is in my library so what do I have to lose?

Watch out for rabbit holes today.

Published by Juliann

Recently retired and ready for adventure

11 thoughts on “Friday’s rabbit hole

  1. I love Stopover and want to knit it…but first I need to dig out and finish Sigla! it is so easy to wind up down a rabbit hole, isn’t it?

  2. you have nothing to lose! and I – for one! – think rabbit holes are places of absolute delight and wonder … enjoy!

  3. I’m intrigued about blocking a partial project. Do you hold your stitches on spare yarn while you soak it and then return it to the needles?

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