Unraveled Wednesday – hello yellow

The other day the sun made a surprise appearance in the afternoon. The skies had been so grey and wet, a condition we expected to last for a few days. It was fun to watch the change as people opened the door and looked up. It didn’t last long, although we did get a nice reprieve from the rain that afternoon. But everyone kept saying how great it was to see the sun. That is life in the Pacific Northwest.

Yellow has been on my mind. I made a batch of golden milk yesterday and it was pretty simple. Do be aware of the staining power of turmeric. And I have a ball of buttercup yarn for a new shawl KAL.

I am reading a book with a group from church and the author uses the word unraveling to talk about the need for a shift in our thinking. He writes that unraveling can create a space for hope. I love that idea. As a knitter, unraveling a little can give me the chance to correct a mistake. And unraveling a lot can give me the opportunity to create something new. I find that to be a comforting message.

No actual unraveling for me this week but then it is only Wednesday!

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10 thoughts on “Unraveled Wednesday – hello yellow

  1. I also love the use of unraveled in ways other than knitting! I frequently use my morning meditation time to unravel the previous day as I ponder the new day before me. Thank you for this great post, Juliann!

  2. The golden shawl will be lovely – also my fave color – and too often we don’t stop to “unravel” an event or events and instead, dwell in the negativity, etc. A focus on the goodness in our lives is a great way to spend our precious memories. Thanks for the encouragement! And how delightful you have sunshine! None here on this day!

  3. Oh, I just love that notion of unraveling! I’m going to tuck that right up in the think-on-it part of my brain. And, living here near the Great Lakes . . . where we’re socked in with heavy, grey clouds most all winter . . . I certainly know and appreciate the sudden and unexpected sun-sighting. It’s a glorious thing, isn’t it? XO

  4. IM going to give that wisdom some thought. Unraveling makes room for hope…….
    I have some news from family that is saddening me, and perhaps I have to unravel my expectations……thanks

  5. I needed that thought about unraveling this past weekend 😉 thank you for sharing – I’ll keep it handy for the next time!

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