Unraveled Wednesday

There was a bit of unraveling today. Had to take my Stopover sweater back a few inches because there was an oddly twisted stitch and it was bugging me. I need to start the sleeves but think I will wait for the weekend. We have a 4 day weekend coming up so plenty of time to knit. I did finish a hat. I skipped one round of the color work pattern because I didn’t want such a slouchy hat. This was a fun pattern and the yarn is wonderful.

My reading is all over the place, can’t seem to settle into a book but I am sure that will pass. I think I have 5 Kindle books opened right now and an audio book that seems like it could hook me.

What is really capturing my attention right now is garden planning. I have started a Pinterest board and have some great ideas saved. We have had a few sunshine afternoons so I took the tiny person out to take a look at the garden and begin to imagine how I might give it new life. Our last frost date is mid-May so plenty of time to plan.

Be sure to visit Kat for some yarn and reading inspiration.

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9 thoughts on “Unraveled Wednesday

  1. I am itching to get outside and get in the gardens too! It smelled beautifully spring-like outside this morning and we are half way through February! Spring will be here before we know it!

  2. I love your hat and the colors you chose are great! I’m also happily perusing seed catalogs and dreaming. Our last frost date is also mid-May, but it’s beginning to sound, smell, and feel just a little like spring outdoors.

  3. Your hat finish is just lovely!!! Mid may for our last frost date as well. I must say I’ve used my handknit hats, gloves, and scarves and shawls and sweaters more than ever this year. Time to use them so I can make more. Good for you for tinking back the crooked stitch. I tinked last night too

  4. I am SO dreaming of my garden right now! Can’t wait! And I love that hat pattern. I’m planning to knit one myself — and I’m really liking your color scheme, so may try something similar. XO

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