Three Things for Thursday

I know most of my readers knit but I wonder how many of you like to sew. Sewing was my first love. My mom taught me to sew at the age of six and my first project was a red corduroy jumper (mom did the zipper). I made most of my own clothes through high school. I even had a sewing business for a few years. I haven’t wanted to write about my Make Nine because last year, I posted a 17 in 2017 list and proceeded to finish only two of the 17 items. But this weekend I get two extra days so I know I will get some sewing machine time.

  1. Planning to finish my Scout Tee this weekend;
  2. Thinking about ordering this book (thanks for the link Mary) because this is how I love to dress;
  3. Digging through my fabric stash to find a fabric to make a new skirt.

Be sure to visit Carole for more lovely lists.

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10 thoughts on “Three Things for Thursday

  1. I do still sew although not as much as I did about 20 years ago. Back then I made some dresses and outfits for Hannah, flannel pants for everyone, and nightgowns for myself.

  2. I sew very little (mainly mending and fixing), but I have some fleece sitting on my sewing machine to make pajama pants for my mother-in-law. I just have to get started! You’ve got three lovely things and I hope your long weekend is productive and enjoyable.

  3. Oh, how I wish I could sew. I can do hand sewing like cross stitch and embroidery but sewing machine sewing… I’m pathetic! I took a class back in the college days and basically flunked out. I made a dress and not only were the sleeves different lengths, but my zipper was inside out AND upside down! I’d love to sign up for another class now that I’ve ‘matured’ but… the shame of the first class holds me back.

  4. I LOVE to sew! Now that I’ve discovered the whole AlabamaChanin thing, I machine-sew less and hand-sew more, but I’m hoping to do a bit more machine sewing this year, too. (I was a 4-H sewer as a kid — and I really did make most of my clothes in high school and even college. I even worked in a fabric store for years and years during that time of my life.) Anyway. I also pre-ordered that book. I’m looking forward to making the tunic! XO

  5. Enjoy your long weekend having fun!! I used to sew much more than I do these days, though I have a stash of beautiful fabrics just waiting to become something. My Mom was a beautiful seamstress. Prior to having a sewing machine, she sewed, by hand, wool coats and pants for my older brothers. She made me make a dress completely by hand before she would buy a machine for us to use!

  6. I learned sewing basics in Jr, High Home Ec classes. I always chose the hardest of the options to learn the most. Sewed for my children, many weddings and home accessories, haven’t regretted learning to sew.

  7. I too made all my clothes when I was a young adult/career woman…nowadays, I don’t shop for clothes at all! Which is probably why my wardrobe is threadbare…

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