I didn’t start this Tuesday thing expecting that our tiny person would be the feature of these posts but right now, he is such a treasure. Last week we went to the library and he ran right to the window and pointed at the outdoor area – he loves to be outside. So we ventured out. It was a bit sad because I remember when they were installing this area and it looked like it would be so fun. But I guess vandalism and weather have taken a toll. The tiny person didn’t notice the state of disrepair. He was happy to run around outside, pick up rocks, and touch, touch, touch. I could see all sorts of possibilities for my own garden as I watched him explore.

as always, thanks to Michelle for this #tinytinymoments inspiration

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10 thoughts on “#ttmt

  1. I love seeing tiny people explore outdoors! My kids (and especially my son) LOVED to be in my garden with me when they were . . . tiny. Both of them have grown up to crave gardening, although just at apartment-scale for now. You’re going to have such a grand time gardening with your tiny person! XO

    1. His mama and papa take him to the library often. They were both raised by library loving parents! The children’s section has a very nice and toddler friendly section. And best of all, this is the library my daughter went to as a child. Lots of library love

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  2. Love kids being outside! And it’s always refreshing that they don’t notice (usually) the negative things that we adults do see (disrepair and the like). Library visits are the BEST!

  3. Tiny people are wonderful for teaching us things, aren’t they?! Getting outside, being content with whatever is available. It must be fun to think of the time you and he will have in the garden come warmer months…!

  4. I have wonderful memories of taking my children to the library and their personal library cards and bags 🙂 Fun times and I hope one day to do it again with a grand if I’m lucky like you.

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