Three Things

Last week we had a food box from Hello Fresh arrive on the porch. Our daughter had told me about trying this meal delivery option and she had a coupon code for a free box. Can’t beat the price. So I hopped online and placed an order for three meals. Here are three things (thanks Carole)triggered by my Hello Fresh experience:

  1. I love to cook – I seemed to have forgotten that lately but preparing these three meals helped me remember how much I used to like making dinner.
  2. Herbs are an important part of a delicious meal. One meal has a dill sauce and used fresh dill – it was very good! I have herbs in my garden, I just need to relearn how to use them to jazz up my cooking.
  3. Leftovers are an important part of cooking for us. I rely on leftovers for lunches and this plan only included enough for two people/one meal.

I won’t be ordering another box but I will be pulling out my cookbooks and getting back into a food prep/cooking routine.

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11 thoughts on “Three Things

  1. I’ve wondered about those meal boxes, but the cost has deterred me so far. I also like to cook, but my enjoyment is directly related to how much time I’ve got to do it. Sometimes just thinking of what to make for dinner every night is enough to wear me down, so that’s why I also like leftovers.

  2. One of my vacation bucket list items for this week off is to prepare a dinner from scratch. You’ve inspired me. 🙂

  3. I tried Blue Apron for a couple of weeks last fall. The meals were excellent — but the prep was over-the-top (lots of steps; lots of pots and pans and bowls). And, like you experienced, no leftovers. I’m glad I tried it out (because I was curious), but I’m happy to be on my own with cooking. XO

  4. Great learning, Juliann – thank you for sharing! That #3 would be a kicker in my house too – as much as Marc and I love to cook, we don’t love to do it every night … we probably have leftovers 3 nights a week!

  5. I have so many picky food problems that they could not meet them, I checked their website. Like you though, it makes me want to be more creative with my own cookbooks and creating healthy meals.

  6. Good review! Our son and his girlfriend tried Blue apron for a couple of months last Fall and really enjoyed it (and…they had plenty of leftovers which they use for lunches). The price (though your price was great!!) has always put me off. I do love to cook and I try to cook more complicated things on the weekend with plenty of leftovers to freeze or use the following week.

  7. I am glad to hear your thoughts on your experience with boxed meals. Steve has some severe food allergies which has kept us from trying any of them. But, great reminder to utilize fresh herbs more often!

  8. We had a free trial from a similar company. We enjoyed it but it was costly . I did send my girl a WHOLE FOODS cert for her birthday to give her a chance to pick up some fun dinners during her birthday week. I so wish I lived close to her and could cook for her !

  9. Good for you! We have friends over frequently so I do a lot of cooking. That’s actually when I enjoy it the most. Sounds great that you’ve rediscovered something you enjoy.

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