Magazine shock

I had some time between meeting last week and there happened to be a bookstore right there so I went in for a wander. I headed to the magazine section thinking I might pick up one or two gardening magazines. Have you seen how expensive they are? Yikes! I didn’t find one that I was willing to buy but I did see this issue of Paleo and with a coupon, it was a reasonable purchase. Guess I will go back to Pinterest and the internet for those gardening ideas.

P.S. my amaryllis is still plugging along. We have had the craziest weather – very cold and even snow but with the longer days, we might just have enough light for her to bloom before spring arrives.

Published by Juliann

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8 thoughts on “Magazine shock

  1. Magazines have become QUITE the extravagance!!! It’s amazing how much they cost these days. Thankfully, you can find lots of great gardening ideas on Pinterest. 🙂

  2. I don’t purchase magazines anymore because they are so expensive. I “check” them out online via an App associated with my public library. Lots of great quilting, knitting, news, decorating, etc. issues.

  3. I am with you on the price of magazines – they have become costly. I have thought long and hard on what magazines I am subscribing too. Have you tried the library? I was pleasantly surprised to find that my local library has a number of the ones we like to read!

  4. Yep – magazines have soared in price, and they keep getting skinnier and skinnier. I don’t subscribe to any these days, but I do know my library has a lot of them.

  5. I thought about magazines for my trip, and yeah, I was shocked at the price! love that photo – what a cozy spot for that snowy view!

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