Unraveled Wednesday – inch by inch

No unraveling, just some slow progress on my Birkin sweater. I have never been a monogamous knitter but I do want to see if I can finish this one while there is still time to wear it. I am putting a small marker that I can move each day as I inch toward the hem. And then of course there will need to be sleeves. But one thing at a time.

Not much reading due to that nasty sinus thing. It was so bad that I could not even wear my glasses which makes it hard to read. I did finish listening to It’s Not Dark Yet. I am in awe of people who find the light in every situation. I have a few audio books on hold at the library so I will spend this in between time catching up on podcasts.

I am also excited to read that Grace will be writing about books and reading and readers. Be sure to stop by and see her.

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7 thoughts on “Unraveled Wednesday – inch by inch

  1. It’s always nice when you can clearly see your progress! I love all the colors in the photo – yarn, needles, and markers.

  2. I love your grey and yellow – for over a year I’ve been thinking of knitting something in grey and yellow…hmmm…yarn festival coming up in mid-April….

    Hope you are feeling better!

  3. I place a marker like that sometimes, too. It helps to know you’re making progress, doesn’t it? This week I have received FOUR notices that books on hold at the library are now available for me to download. When it rains it pours . . . but I certainly can’t read that fast!

  4. That sweater is looking so beautiful! I am hoping you are done soon! And, I am with you on monogamous knitting! Thanks for the heads up on Grace’s website!

  5. Your Birkin is going to be so pretty! I have such a hard time reading about illness. Being a NICU nurse wore my heart out. I stick to humor and non fiction mostly. But I’m always glad to hear of a good read. The writer and the reader deserve the goodness of it.

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