#turnthelensonself -5

I don’t currently have a lot of rituals. I tend to take life on day at a time. But I could use some rituals in my life. Some spaces of pause and intentionality.

This the last year, I have begun to drink more tea and I am trying to build an evening ritual around a relaxing cuppa. I had forgotten about this little teapot. When my daughter gave me a tea subscription for Christmas, I dug deep into the cupboard and pulled it out. There is a mesh insert which makes it perfect for a single serving of loose leaf tea. Last week I remembered that I had some sweet little teacups so they too have been unearthed. Do you see how this ritual is developing? My current tea is a lavender chamomile, a very gentle evening tea.

I have another small teapot that I think I will take to work. A tea time ritual at my desk would be a lovely addition to my work day.

Thanks again to Michelle for a great challenge.

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12 thoughts on “#turnthelensonself -5

  1. The mesh insert in this teapot sounds like a dandy thing. I haven’t seen one like that and I have to confess I can make a mess with loose tea.
    I love the idea of an evening cup of tea. Sometimes, I have tea in the mornings but haven’t acquired the habit of an evening cup of tea. I think you’ve started a winner….

  2. I love the idea of using beautiful things as part of a ritual. …and as we discussed, I think I’m going to try a few new teas. maybe a new ritual for me, too!

  3. The rituals around preparing, serving, and drinking tea are strong in some cultures. It makes so much sense to create your own ritual around tea! (My sister, who lives 1,000 miles away from me, and I have a daily afternoon tea ritual. We each make and “share” a cup of tea between 3:00 and 4:00 EST. It’s as close as we’re going to get to sharing a cup of tea most days!) XO

  4. I think tea (from the steeping to the drinking) is a wonderful way to create ritual in our life. I really love that you’re unearthing special treasures to help fill out the ritual.

    (and…now that I’ve looked through each of your five self-portraits and read your words, I’d say you have several rather lovely rituals in your life. xo)

  5. A) Totally agree with Michelle! B) The afternoon tea ritual is a super fantastic idea! Do you FaceTime, too? Or Skype? C) I too have some lovely teapots and cups, especially my mom’s china…that would be a fun thing to add to my ESQT ritual…hmmm.

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