100 days?

Will you be joining the #the100dayproject? I want to do this but I am generally rubbish at daily projects. Nonetheless, I seem to be watching the Instagram feed and wondering if this idea or that idea might be a fit. 100 days of quotes or gratitude or tiny, tiny moments; of moving or writing or eating well? So many ideas. I have a week to make a choice. What do you think?

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7 thoughts on “100 days?

  1. For me right now it feels like another commitment and I’m trying to cut back on obligations that won’t necessarily bring new/fulfilling things to my life. That said, I meditate every day so I could incorporate that habit into this project.

  2. I did this last year and it was a great experience …. but not one I feel the need to repeat đŸ™‚ Also, it got to be a real chore to post something to Instagram each day.

  3. I really love the concept of the #the100dayproject — and I participated last year. I think a small, manageable daily project works well, and the ones you’ve mentioned sounds do-able and meaningful for you. I won’t be joining in again this year. I am working hard to focus on figuring out just what IS meaningful to me – and paring down those commitments that . . . aren’t. I’ll be happy to follow along to see your project unfold! (I make a great cheerleader.) XO

  4. My thoughts: Start and plan to do and be A- OK if you miss a day, several or stop all together…I think once it begins to be an obligation – and that all depends on how you respond to obligation – it’s time to reassess. Daily Instagram posting can be a drag but you could also journal, make notes, keep a list, etc…it’s your project and make it work for you! I started last year – didn’t last a 100 days for any number of reasons but the documentation I have makes for thoughtful and reflective reading/revisiting. Hope this helps…

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