#100daysproject – 3 things

Today is the tenth day of the #100daysproject. It’s early here but I have already put pen to paper so it seems like a good time for an update and three things I have learned so far.

1. My original project name felt awkward so I have changed it to #100daysoffiberandink.

2. The fiber part has been easy- mostly because I keep my yarn next to my chair and can pick it up in the evenings when we are watching TV. But I also spent time sewing and sorting my fiber projects during spring break. Lots of fiber in my hands these first 10 days.

3. I am a morning person and on the days when I don’t pick up my pen early, it is harder to make that happen. Last week I ordered a bunch of photos to use as story starters. I am putting sticky notes on the back of each picture and will keep them in my knitting basket. That way I can write notes in between rows. It seems to have helped to stamp my journal pages with my TODAY stamp.

Off to link up with Carole and friends this morning. I’ll be back in 10 days.

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10 thoughts on “#100daysproject – 3 things

  1. Oh, that is a great idea! I love that page set up! And, I can’t tell you how happy I was to see your blog show up in Feedly this morning! I hope all is well with you and that you are getting so much done! XO

  2. Well, I’m obviously under caffeinated and slightly embarrassed at how long it took me to understand #100daysoffiberandink. I kept reading it 100 days off…. and the rest just would not make sense. LOL Once I saw “fiber” all was well with the world. Great journal page, btw.

  3. Great journal page. I, too, have to write early in the morning or it doesn’t happen. Nice to hear from you again…hoping to see some of your sewing creations in a bit.

  4. What a great journal page, Juliann! So glad you’re off to such a fiber-touching start to your #100daysproject. I, too, have a morning routine that includes daily journaling. If something gets off-schedule, though (and that DOES happen sometimes), it’s awfully hard to find the time to catch up later in the day. So nice to catch up with you today! XO

  5. What a treat to see a post from you! Glad your fiber play is off to such a solid start … and I love what you’re doing with your journal. I also find that if I don’t put pen to paper first thing, it’s hard to “find the time” later in the day. Look forward to your next update!

  6. I journal around 5:30 am and that happens every single day. If I waited I would not do it. I love your hashtag đŸ™‚ Good luck finding the time, maybe schedule it in??

  7. I journal daily…in the AM and am working on adding evening to my agenda – I’m using Jamie’s Yearbook as my springboard…it’s helping a lot tho’ I’ve not quite begun the “free write” portion…think it’s a great idea to keep your journal cards with the knit projects – keeps it all handy for you. I echo everyone’s comment: it was great to see your post on Friday! Carry on with your #100 day project!

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