a Friday list

At the top of my list today is getting this quilt basted. This was one of projects I worked on last week. The animals were a printed panel and a lot of the fabric was used in the baby quilt I made for our tiny person. I tried to let the process be simple and random. I have the backing and the batting, just need to get it done. Out tiny person is going to be in a toddler before we know it.

Here are a few links to share:

This blog post and link to an interview.

Golden milk and turmeric lattes.

I rediscovered this podcast last week.

The cast on date for this knit along is just around the corner.

This book, kind of a beach or sitting on the deck read.

Happy Friday

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11 thoughts on “a Friday list

  1. The quilt is just adorable. I love the colors and the way they play together so wonderfully! (I’m also intriqued by that podcast. Will definitely check it out.) XO

  2. The quilt is adorable and so colorful and interesting! Thanks for the podcast link and enjoy the KAL! Look forward to seeing yours…Enjoy the weekend!

  3. What an adorable quilt. I really like that you let the piecing be random and playful. I am being less conscious of quilting “rules” and having every little piece and point just so. It makes quilting much more fun for me.

  4. I hope you were able to get your quilt basted; it’s adorable! (and I’d love to see the fabric for the back and sides). Thank you for the Perennials recommendation. Kindle is just $1.99! I need something like that right now …

    1. I actually put a hold on the quilt. Ellis came for the morning and then I got started on my craft room decluttering and rearranging project. Hope to finish that project this weekend and then back to the quilt. I hope you enjoy the book. I has been a good, simple read. About all my foggy brain can handle right now. Juliann

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  5. Great links – thank you!! And a darling quilt. Love the way you’ve put this one together. Like Mary, I want to see the back!!

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