Hello Friday

Thirty six years ago I was making my wedding dress on the Brother sewing machine that mom bought for me when I graduated from college. No bells or whistles- just a work horse machine. I made a lot of clothing on that machine (for myself and later for the girls). I stitched up curtains, bumper pads and baby quilts, pillows and even some slip covers.

Then I got serious about quilting and needed an upgrade. The popular machine with quilters (started with a capital B) was out of my price range. But Pfaff had just come out with a very nice machine and the price was right. I had learned to sew on a Pfaff. It felt right. More clothing, home decor, and lots of quilts were stitched up in that machine.

After 25 years, it was ready to retire. When I went to the sewing machine store I was planning to get another Pfaff. But the I saw the Brother machines and I was sold. This one has an extra wide throat plate – great for machine quilting, needle down function, an extra plate to extend the sewing space, and more bells and whistles that I probably won’t use. So far I have figured out how to wind the bobbin and get it threaded. Hopefully I will be stitching up a storm very soon.

Published by Juliann

Recently retired and ready for adventure

12 thoughts on “Hello Friday

  1. What a wonderful gift to yourself! can’t wait to hear more about it … and see what you’re making!

  2. Do enjoy your *new* machine. I still have my Singer, bought in the early 70s…I don’t use it but I really liked it way back when. Stitch on!

  3. Happy sewing! 🙂 (I learned to sew on an ancient Singer. Then moved up to a Kenmore — with zigzag!!! Now I have a Viking/Husqvarna that I’ve had for nearly 20 years. I love it!)

  4. Nice! So glad you’re back in “business”! (I learned to sew on a Pfaff, too; we do have so much in common.) I got a new machine in 2007, and it has lots of bells and whistles I still need to explore…… Have fun with yours!!

  5. Nice new machine! You probably need a computer science degree to use all the functions, right? LOL
    Do you still have your first Brother machine?

  6. Adore the top picture- what a treasure.
    Good luck with your new machine. Cannot wait to see all the beautiful creations that come from it. 🙂

  7. Have fun with your new machine! Looking forward to seeing what you make, and I can’t believe you made your own wedding dress!!!

  8. Enjoy that new machine. An extra wide throat plate sounds like a good idea. I am still using a Singer my husband bought for me in 1982 when I was pregnant with our second child. I remember trundling myself into the orientation/slash sewing lesson that came with the machine and stretching my arms out long to learn how to use it. It is a basic machine but continues to work for me – straight seams, a little machine quilting, sewing on knits and a few pattern stitches. I enjoyed the picture of you sewing your wedding dress. What a great memory.

  9. Congratulations! I also learned on a Singer. I bought a not very expensive Brother a couple of years ago. It will be a couple more years before I can dive in and really learn again. It’s been a very, very long time!

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