Three Things Thursday

summer notebooking

I have mentioned that I have a slight  substantial issue with notebooks.  I just cannot seem to pass up a beautiful notebook.  Sigh.  This month I have been in one notebook, a fairly chunky B6 (lower right).  I like the size of the page but the cover is a bit floppy.  I have done well keeping up with the various sections and have probably done more note-keeping this month than I have in the past.  Best of all, I have learned somethings.

  1. I want to keep my planning in one place.  I use a Moleskine planner for work the last three years but I need my work life and my non-work life to be synced up on paper so this year, I will use my Moleskine for all the date-keeping.
  2. I love lists but I am not a bullet-journaler.  I just can’t make it work.  I love looking at pictures on Instagram of bullet journals but I am setting aside the practice for my own notebook.  I love having a weekly list that I can carry around and check off so I will continue with that practice.
  3. I want to journal more about the day-to-day, ordinary life things.  I have done this more in my #onebookjuly notebook and it is a practice I will continue.  I will return to my B6 slim notebook (upper right) for this recordkeeping.  I like the size and the cover and I still have 3 blank inserts so that should hold me for a few more months.  This size is easy enough to carry in my purse too.

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11 thoughts on “Three Things Thursday

  1. I am with you on Bullet Journaling… I love how it looks but it does not work well for me at all. I like your idea of a separate notebook for your journal!

  2. That looks more like a lovely collection of notebooks than a slight (or substantial) issue to me. I’ve also been trying to figure out the best approach for me, but still haven’t found the perfect way … yet.

  3. Your notebooks are beautiful. I use one at a time and it’s a catch all for everything. Sometimes I write long entries about life, sometimes I do some art work or doodling, sometimes I write lists, and sometimes I glue in ticket stubs and other mementos.

  4. I am a bullet-journaler. . . BUT . . . I am not an artsy-bullet-journaler. Mine is strictly old-school bullet journaling — part calendar, part to-do list, part garden notes. No doodles. No cute stuff. No tracking. It works really well for me. (My daily journal is separate completely.) I love your notebook “habit!” (I could easily fall down that rabbit hole.) 🙂

  5. I’m with Kym on the mix of planner-list-calendar style of “bullet-journaling” . Nothin’ cutesy/artsy about it. I don’t journal, which would be separate, and I should becasue it would be a good excuse for more notebooks. I totally get your weakness!

  6. Journals! Ah Journals! I have any number/styles covering lotsa years. As with you, I need to keep me all in one place… and it generally goes with me where ever I am… PlusI’m constantly experimenting…

  7. Your notebooks are so pretty! I’m now 13 months into my Travelers Notebook and I’m really happy with FOUR inserts – 1. weekly calendar (I use the 6-month one with one week per spread) 2. grid paper for “thoughts” (this is where my knitting queue and “saying yes to” lists go 3. daily journal (using the one with the really thin pages – I get 2-3 months in one) 4. plain paper prayer journal (using the thicker pages – one page per week). I really love having it all in one place. the daily journaling space took some getting used to. I came from a decade-long Moleskine habit – and those were a bit bigger. but now, it’s habit. and honestly, that’s what I think is most important!!

  8. I also enjoy journals/notebooks. I find simple is the best for me. I have one journal, a little blank book beside my bed for an occasional “evening note” and another paper “by the week” calendar for appointments and to-do reminders. Oh, I do have a small notebook for knitting notes. Maybe not so simple after all but just what works for me.

  9. Oh, notebooks! I try not to buy them, but I often do. I have enough to last for years 😉
    I love Moleskine planners too. I’ve been using the week + notes for two and a half years now and I never want to go back. Bullet journaling is not my thing either, though I use some of the ideas behind it (the bullets turning into arrows or crosses, migrating lists) in my Moleskine. And journaling… an ongoing struggle. I really want to do it, but somehow I never get to it.

  10. I love the way bullet journaling looks but it stresses me out to keep a tally of daily tasks and filling in boxes. Now I write a daily list. I find it’s much less stressful.

  11. I cannot bullet journal either ! I keep a notebook for lists. Daily . I dont like a note pad. I like a little spiral bound ruled lined notebook. I never throw the page out, until the book is fully used

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