Unraveled Wednesday

Hello August! And hello cooling trend! This weather has unraveled my vacation time long enough. I plan to spend hours in my sewing room over the next few days and sunflower and pumpkin seedlets are going to love the next few days.

I have been able to put in some serious reading time and have 5 bingos on my card. I’m feeling confident about 4 of the 5 remaining squares. I’m not really excited about the memoir of a U.S. political figure. Any recommendations?

On the needles – I finished a hat last night and it is time to cast on the sleeves for my Stopover. I have signed up for a sweater class that starts August 18 so I would love to finish my Stopover.

Happy Wednesday. Be sure to visit Kat today.

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11 thoughts on “Unraveled Wednesday

  1. Those seedlings are so hopeful! And, while I am not at all thrilled for the ending of summer, I am looking forward to cooler nights (at least).

    I do have some recommendations for the US political figure memoir – on my list to read is Madeline Albright’s memoir, Madame Secretary. I also truly enjoyed Hillary Clinton’s What Happened – I listened to this and it is read by her.

  2. Can’t wait to see your Stopover! We are currently reading (aloud, after dinner) “Morning’s on Horseback” by David McCullough and are really enjoying it. all about Teddy Roosevelt (which always makes me think of Arsenic and Old Lace).

  3. So glad it’s cooling a bit for you! We’ve been in a cooling phase for a couple of weeks now — and I’m loving it! Summer is so much more enjoyable when it’s comfortable! XO

    1. The backpack went together quickly once I got all the pieces cut. The final sewing of the gusset was a workout – so many layers. I just took it slow and steady. This was my first Making magazine and I want to make so many things in this issue. Makes me wish I had bought the previous issues. Juliann

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  4. I thought it was too late to start pumpkins! Glad its not so. Here we have a 100 day growing window, so you have to start them inside, transplant and hope for HEAT . I have had a little punkin patch before and it was darling

    1. They came up quickly and are the mini pumpkins so hopefully they will produce. We are going back to the heat tomorrow too Juliann

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  5. Wouldn’t you know it would start to cool off on the day my sister left? The President’s Club by Nancy Gibbs is a great book that tells how the living ex-presidents work together, thus the “club”. I’ve been told Destiny of the Republic is really good, too. (It’s about Garfield.)

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