Unraveled Wednesday

I am trying to ease back into a reasonable work routine but will very much miss the time for sewing and knitting. Warm weather has returned so the making life will also slow down. Fortunately the only unraveling this week is the unraveling of vacation mode. I am ready to start sleeve #2 for my Stopover and hope to get all the pieces on a needle before my Vintersol class begins on August 18.

My Bingo card it looking good. Thanks for all the book ideas last week. I have added those titles to my For Later shelf of at the library so I can return to them. I ended up listening to Forgetting to be Afraid. The author’s journey into politics and her efforts to use her position to support those who don’t have power reminded me of a lot of my blog friends.

Off to visit Kat this morning. Happy Wednesday.

Published by Juliann

Recently retired and ready for adventure

8 thoughts on “Unraveled Wednesday

  1. So sorry about the unraveling of your lovely summer break. . .
    It’s always hard to shift routines again. Here’s to an easy transition. XO

  2. Your Bingo card looks great, and I hope you can retain the vacation feeling with some time for reading, sewing, and knitting.

  3. Happy Wednesday to you, too! I enjoyed our time together and hope with your busy schedule we can do it again. Good job on the bingo card; I’m still working on last year’s. :>)

  4. As a retired teacher, I know that old end of summer transition. Sometimes it isn’t easy no matter how much you love the job. My good wishes go with you and all the other teachers out there. Slow and steady with the sleeves means you are on your way to a finished sweater.

  5. Best wishes for the new year … and so glad you had such a wonderful summer – full of making, reading and spending time with loved ones.

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