Fiber Friday

Looking back at the last three months, I have had a lot of fiber fun. I have made three uniform tunics, did some repairs on two pair of linen pants giving them a bit more life, made two quilt tops (and finished one), and most fun of all, made two backpacks. My Making backpack still needs some hand sewing for the inside binding but I am planning to finish that this evening. Last weekend, I wondered if I could down size the patter and make a tiny person backpack. In my storage bin labeled Bag Making supplies, I had everything I needed and you can see the result above.

This weekend I am joining Lori and Michelle for a quilt related field trip. Earlier this week I had coffee and knitting with Judy. I have been so blessed with online to real life friendships.

Yup, it was a short but very lovely summer.

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12 thoughts on “Fiber Friday

  1. You MADE that backpack??!! It’s perfect for the tiny person! When do we get to see your Uniform tunics? I cut my first one this week and look forward to sewing it … and wearing it!

  2. I see a whole new future for you in “backpacks for toddlers.” I have a soon-to-be customer for you ;-))! Love the photo of the tiny person modeling his. Enjoy your weekend with friends…

  3. What a great backpack! Yay for you adapting the adult pattern down to a toddler size. It looks wonderful. And, like Mary, I want to see your Uniform tunics!!!

  4. That patch was the perfect finish, and it looks as if your little guy thinks so, too! Do you wear uniforms for work? I agree,; you should model them for us. Hope you had a good weekend. :>)

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