Unraveled Wednesday

Sadly, there was some unraveling this week. I finished the binding on my new backpack and looked forward to taking it in my Sunday travels. About two hours into my day, I noticed that one strap had worked loose from the seam. Very heavy sigh. I’ll need to unstitch the binding and restitch the seam, making sure to really catch the strap this time. And while I am there, I think I will reinforce the other strap, just in case. Fortunately I was at my dad’s and was able to safety pin the strap so it would last for the rest of the day.

It is fire season so on top of the heat, we have smoke filled skies. And as much as I would like to head out for a walk, I decided to start tracing the patterns from my new book. If the heat doesn’t subside, I may bring my sewing machine downstairs.

I am one book away from a full bingo card which is so exciting! And I had such a lovely time with Lori and Michelle last weekend. I bought a piece of fabric that will make a great background for a little house quilt that is percolating.

Off to visit Kat and see if anyone else has had some unraveling this week.

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12 thoughts on “Unraveled Wednesday

  1. Bummer about the strap! Looks like a lovely book with lots of fantastic patterns. We open windows at night and started smelling smoke in the middle of the night. Farmers are also burning their fields here.
    I love the fabric you got for the house quilt!

  2. So sorry you’ve had to re-do a bit – it will be all the better for some reinforcing in the long run? I like the look of that book …

  3. Darn that strap. I hope the repair is easy. Reinforcing the other strap is a good idea. Be safe in the neighborhood with those fires. The news about them is awful.

  4. Bummer about that unraveling, but I guess it’s good to catch it so quickly … and reinforce the other straps, too! Looking forward to seeing what you make from Lotta’s book. The Esme tops/tunics are my favorites. fun to make and wear!

  5. I hate having to rip out my sewing . . . But as I often recall, my home ec teacher in junior high school had a big sampler in her classroom that read “Sew shall you sew, so shall you rip.” True, that. XO

  6. Always a bummer when that type of unraveling happens. Glad you caught it early (and could save it with a safety pin until you can fix it). Looking forward to seeing your next sewing project. And almost a coverall – WOW!!

  7. Sorry about your pack but know that you will fix it. Has’t the smoke been awful? We even had some ash on our car! Nice work on the Bingo; what book did you finally choose about a political person?

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