Unraveled Wednesday

Instead of unraveling, I was able to get my backpack straps restitched! I think it will hold this time. I like the size and shape of this bag and I think the lesson is to stop carrying so much stuff. I need to re-evaluate this idea. I am back and forth between two campuses and I often drag things back and forth without ever taking them out of my bag. So maybe I can be more realistic about what needs to travel with me.

There was some unraveling at my first sweater class but I am happy to say it wasn’t mine. I was one of the few who had not started so I got to take advantage of the wisdom of the teacher. I learned how to use a crochet hook for a provisional cast on and managed to join my knitting (280 stitches) without twisting! After a few short rows I am now into the color work and so far, so good.

This week is filled with training and classroom set-up. Thank goodness for an audio book to keep me company. Be sure to visit Kat and read more unraveled stories.

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13 thoughts on “Unraveled Wednesday

  1. You have made a really wonderful backpack, and joining 280 stitches without twisting is a real accomplishment. Congratulations on some great making!

  2. Its a beauty, that backpack; so sturdy, but such a pretty colourway. I think you might be right about not carrying so much – voice of experience here.

  3. I knew you’d be able to fix it! You sure did a great job on it. Glad to hear about how the sweater class went; how about a photo of your progress?

  4. The backpack looks great. And yes, unload it a bit. I know how that goes though. In my teaching days, I preferred to be over-prepared then to forget something I just might need. I hope the school year is off to a good start.

  5. I used a cart with wheels when I had a lot of stuff to schlep…I should use a backpack probably ‘cause I still overload… but it feels so foreign . Nice backpack and great save!
    Cheers ~

  6. Your backpack is wonderful! I always tend to overpack when it comes to “paperwork” . . . it’s good to re-evaluate from time to time. 🙂

  7. LOVE that backpack … but it does look a little heavy – not good for your back or the bag! and woot! for solid start on your sweater. I always use a crochet hook for provisional cast-on’s. not sure I always manage to join 200+ stitches without twisting, though 😉

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