3 things

I have missed posting the last few weeks but I guess a break was needed. A 3things post seems like a good re-entry. So, 3 things that are tugging at my heartstrings right now:

1. Finding a little journal mom kept on a trip she and dad took to the UK in 1997. So good to see her handwriting.

2. The cooler weather that means I can start wearing my knitwear.

3. Listening and re-listening to this podcast – decision making, decision fatigue, good, short episodes with so much to offer.

Off to visit Carole this morning.

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11 thoughts on “3 things

  1. IT is good to see our family’s handwriting once they have passed. It is a great comfort. We are off from the barn for a month and I miss the busyness of the barn. a 2 week break would suffice for me!

  2. What is it about our loved one’s handwriting? One of my favorite possessions is my dad’s recipe box full of plain white (at least they used to be white) index cards covered in his weird, uni-bomber style handwriting. I also have a few of my grandmother’s handwritten recipes and I’ve thought about framing them except they’re written on the backs of envelopes and torn bits of paper.

  3. Your mom certainly had beautiful handwriting – what a find! those are certainly three GOOD things … it’s always nice to see a post from you in my reader. xoxo.

  4. How wonderful to find that journal kept by your Mom. I can relate to the tug on the heartstrings at the sight of familiar handwriting. We miss them.

  5. Absolutely loved seeing that photo of your sweet mom. I’ve not been a good September blogger and don’t even have an excuse!

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