Unraveled Wednesday

I have been steadily knitting along on my Vintersol sweater and have about 1/2 inch until the hem is completed. I decided not to add the color-work at the hem and to make it shorter than the pattern. Next I will work on those sleeves. I might try and drop in at a stitch circle at my LYS to get some help with that because the last time I picked up stitches for sleeves, I ended up with some holes.

I am almost finished with Inspired. We have a discussion for this book in a week and I am the discussion leader so I will be going back and making notes. I have really enjoyed this book. Next up? Some fiction I think but not sure what.

We are having cooler mornings and I am planning to get out my pumpkins and fall decorations this weekend. I made bacon wrapped pumpkin last Friday – yum – and look forward to soup season.

Be sure to visit Kat today and happy Wednesday!

Published by Juliann

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6 thoughts on “Unraveled Wednesday

  1. Hope to see your sweater in person one of these days! I don’t know what happened to the month of September though; it zoomed right on by, that’s for sure.

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