Three things

Three things I don’t want to forget:

Our tiny person has discovered puzzles and the determination on his face is something I don’t want to forget.

That same tiny person is a verbal processor and I love listening to him work things out one word at a time. I don’t want to forget these conversations.

Those sweet fingers, that giggle, the way he says gramma – I don’t want to forget these precious days.

Published by Juliann

Recently retired and ready for adventure

12 thoughts on “Three things

  1. And those days do fly by! It’s hard to believe that one of our grands is already in eighth grade and his voice has changed, and our littlest one just started kindergarten. And ah, the memories!

  2. So beautifully expressed: you could just pop this onto a scrapbook page with your lovely black and white photo and it would be perfect …

  3. oh …. perfect, Juliann! I must say that working puzzles designed for little ones is about the only way I really enjoy puzzles. also, I love the black and white!

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