Unraveled Wednesday

No unraveling here, just lots of casting on. I haven’t had the brain power to start the sleeves on my Vintersol so I picked up a long neglected hat and then cast on a vest for the tiny person. Both of these projects are good TV knitting and feel like they can be finished by the end of the month. But I do want to get back to those sleeves so give me your best advice on picking up the stitches in a way that doesn’t leave gaps or holes in the underarm.

Have a great Wednesday and be sure to visit Kat and friends today.

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7 thoughts on “Unraveled Wednesday

  1. Pretty yarns!! I’ve lost interest in my sweater since it is more of a summer sweater (though our temps are still very warm and muggy – I should finish it). The body is done and I need to knit the sleeves and join. Not happening this week for sure!!

  2. Your knitting looks so inviting in those colorful bags – did you make them? Look forward to seeing the “tiny person’s” vest. Knit on!

  3. I don’t have any good picking up tips (I bet Kat will), but do love seeing all of your bags and enticing projects.

  4. Sometimes it’s a Very Good Thing to set a project aside and cast on for something new. 🙂 As for picking up stitches for sleeves . . . I usually leave myself very long tails when joining the new yarn — so I can weave those gaps and holes together at the end. There may be an “official” and more technically sound way of picking up the stitches, but I find there are always gaps.

  5. I was just going to say I bet Mary can be the most expert help with that! And, she was!

    One thing I can do is to send you some “pick up stitches” mojo your way!!

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