all the bagsThe other day I told Honore that I was planning a blog post about some of the bags I have made and since it has not been the best week, it seemed like something fun for my Friday.

The top two are Noodlehead patterns.  I really like these patterns and have found the directions pretty clear cut.  I have my eye on new bag from her site.  There is a free bag pattern (coming soon) that you should definately check out.

The tiny person backpack was my adaptation of the Noodlehead backpack above.  I pretty much just cut down the dimensions and rounded the edges to create a little backpack for our busy person (I think that will be his new nickname).

The polka dot project bag is from Lazy Gal designs and is the Becca bag.  It has a very fun zipper application.  I made four of these a few summer ago and gave all but one away.  Might need to make myself another one.

I have already seen sneak peaks of the upcoming Making Magazine and it looks like there are two bag patterns so I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of Issue #6.  More bag making fun.  In fact,  some weekend bag making might wash away all the negative stuff from the work week.

Happy almost weekend!

Published by Juliann

Recently retired and ready for adventure

6 thoughts on “#allthebags

  1. All those bags sing “Happy!”The top left especially caught my eye and of course, the “busy person’s” backpack is too cute. Making magazine is intriguing…Happy weekend to you, too!

  2. I agree with Honore… those bags do sing Happy!! You have planted the make a bag bug in my head! I hope sewing something clears your head of all the cobwebs! Happy weekend!

  3. Love the bag parade, Juliann! I am also looking forward to the next Making – the sneak peeks of the bags (and oh my, the sweaters!) are so intriguing. Hope the weekend is a good one!

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