Unraveled Wednesday

This yarn is so lovely but I’m not sure I have chosen a good pattern. The yarn is from a small farm in New York. My sister purchased it at an outdoor market in the city so I want something to remind me of her gift. It was going t to my travel knitting but I think I will leave it at home and reconsider when I return. That leaves me with needing a different travel project. I wonder if I have anything else – wink, wink.

I have a few books on my Kindle, hoping that one of them will catch my interest. I toyed with the idea of taking a real book for reading on the plane or at the airport and there is still time to unravel that decision too.

Don’t forget to visit Kat. I hop there is not much unraveling in your life this week.

Published by Juliann

Recently retired and ready for adventure

11 thoughts on “Unraveled Wednesday

  1. Where are you headed? We are still catching up from 10 days in IL and WI. We visited a friend who lives in Neenah and they knew of your grandfather. That yarn is pretty; what are you making? I am working on another shawl using Zilver. It’s a great pattern. Have a great trip! Maybe we can get together when you get back home?

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