Unraveled Wednesday

I haven’t yet unraveled the hat but maybe this weekend. My travel packing got a bit rushed after some last minute work obligations but I had this shawl on the needles so I grabbed the project bag and my Kindle for the plane. It was the perfect travel knitting. There is a four row repeat that was so easy to memorize so I could pick it up and put it down without getting off track. Next up is a lace section. I am going to use that pale yarn for the lace to make it pop.

I have been listening to The Great Bridge and even though I am only about halfway through the book, it was good background for our walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. It was very busy on the bridge and a bit blustery but the views and the history are amazing.

I started reading Rhythms of Rest while in NYC (it had been lingering on my Kindle) and it seems to be just what I need. One idea that is circling is how to plan your week to make space for a sabbath. The author suggests that you look at your sabbath day, whatever day you are choosing, as the middle of your week. Use the days leading up to plan (getting things done, meals planned) and the days just after to reflect.

This weekend Tolt is having an anniversary party and the folks from Making Magazine will be there. Did you get your issue? Mine arrived the day before my trip and I have only just begun to savor it. I am looking forward to seeing some of the lovely items in person.

Happy Wednesday. Off to visit Kat.

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11 thoughts on “Unraveled Wednesday

  1. Oh my! Beautiful yarns, Juliann! And, thank you! The Rhythms of Rest is just what I need… I have been seeking. (and imagine my great joy at finding what I have been seeking here!)

    I am going to message Vicki to see if I can get a copy of the latest Making right now! 🙂

  2. What lovely yarn! 🙂 I think it’s really important to build “rest days” (or Sabbath days) into our lives — with intention. (Otherwise, it just never happens!) XO
    PS – This issue of Making magazine is the best ever!

  3. Beautiful yarns. The Great Bridge looks really good! I’ve stayed at a B&B named The Roebling Inn that is near another bridge he built (over the Delaware).

  4. That shawl pattern looks perfect for traveling. Thank you for the book recommendation, I will check that out. And how come I don’t know about Making Magazine?!?

  5. Lovely yarn and how fortunate you had it in its own travel bag, “ready to go.” I like the idea of rearranging a Sabbath/Day Of Rest…will look into the book.Thanks.

  6. What a pretty shawl; I love the colors! Hope you had a great time in NYC, and thanks for the heads-up on Tolt.

  7. look at all that perfect garter stitch! i finsihed lopi mittens and the yarn was difficult to work with. No give to it at all . Next up A hand holding mitten …in Bernat chunky…..

  8. That shawl is beautiful. I have favorited the pattern. I sure do like your yarn choices. The colors are lovely. I too like the idea of planning a sabbath day. Retirement makes it much easier that is for sure. Hope you enjoyed NYC.

  9. Oh my. all that garter stitch looks so squishy! Please savor those Making items for me … this is my favorite issue yet!

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