Three on Thursday

I love that first cuppa coffee each morning. On days I need to wait (fasting blood work for instance) are miserable! I have been know to start complaining about such mornings days in advance. And every time I make a gratitude list, you can be sure that first cuppa coffee make the top five.

The last few years I have been learning to drink more tea. I know that these herbal infusions are not really tea. But my reason for turning to tea after 10 am is to avoid caffeine so they make the cut. A few weeks ago, my grocery story had a big sale on tea and I picked up three new to me teas.

Pukka teas come in the most lovely boxes. I first received a box of the Revitalize tea as a gift. I am excited that this tea is now more available in my local stores.

I am sure many of you are familiar with the Yogi tea brand. I see a lot of the tea tags with words of wisdom in my Instagram feed. Both of these are lovely warm but I also drop one in my water bottle to liven up the hydration practice. And I have been known to add some of the mango ginger to my homemade bone broth. But that might be a post for another day.

Off to visit Carole for my ThreeThings posts.

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8 thoughts on “Three on Thursday

  1. The turmeric glow and mango ginger look really, really good!! I enjoy herbal teas at work, but sometimes I need that extra kick from coffee.

  2. This is the “hot tea time of year” for me… I don’t drink much hot tea in spring and summer, but now.. a nice hot cuppa is most welcome! I am going to look for some Pukka teas!

  3. Enjoying some Kroger-brand spiced chai right now … must admit, herbal blends aren’t my favorite, but in the interest of cutting back caffeine, I might need to given them another chance. Thanks for the recommendations!

  4. I love a cup of tea in the afternoon. Pukka cinnamon is really good and I also love Yogi Licorice and Yogi Ginger.

  5. I should follow your lead and drink tea in the afternoon. I wholeheartedly agree that there is nothing quite like the morning coffee!

  6. When the weather turns chilly, I enjoy several cups of tea through the afternoon and evening; mostly herbal (because of caffeine). It’s a wonderful way to relax and breathe for a moment! XO

  7. I switched from coffee to tea about 13 years ago…I may have a decaf latte in the mid afternoon. Currently, I’m lovin’ most peach herbal teas.

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