Hello Friday

Why do “short” work weeks always feel longer? It puzzles me every time it happens. I spent most of Tuesday thinking it was Monday and then most of Thursday thinking it was Friday. It is a conundrum.

I have spent a bit too much time this week exploring some notebook/planner rabbit holes. I am thinking ahead to 2019. This lovely orange folio will be my prime notebook next year. I have been trying out different layouts and ideas for calendars and journaling in an undated insert. I love the color and the size ie great for a carry along (this is an A6). I have been reading about tracking (this makes my heart sing) and bullet journaling (which I have decided is not for me).

But Friday is here and because I hosted our book group for dinner last weekend, my house is pretty much ready for the birthday we will celebrate tomorrow and Thanksgiving dinner next week. So, the weekend is looking pretty good.

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8 thoughts on “Hello Friday

  1. What a fun pumpkin wallhanging and pumpkin journal!! I’m trying to figure out a better way to get organized for 2019. I’m almost at the point that a yearly desk calendar sounds goo! See the whole year at a glance! LOL

  2. I, too, do not like bullet journaling. It just does not flow well for how I journal. I am excited to see what new things you implement! 🙂

  3. I toyed with BUJO a couple years ago and still do bits n pieces…and I’m planning to resume in a manner of days…stay tuned. Love your photo and plans for your new journal…and I also know all about “rabbit holes.” Wicked! Happy weekend.

  4. I journal several times/week but I don’t really bullet journal. I sort of do my own thing with it, sometimes it’s lots of writing about feelings and stuff we’ve done, sometimes it’s lists of things I need to do, sometimes it’s artwork or doodling, sometimes it’s just a place to put souvenirs. Planning it is have the fun! Happy weekend!

  5. I love your orange planner/journal cover! I have developed a way of calendaring/planning/journaling that works for me. It’s mostly … my own thing. (I have been a journal-er for over 50 years . . . ) I do incorporate some of the bullet journaling in my calendar/planner system, but it’s really just lists, in addition to my calendar pages. I’m interested in the tracking you mention, as I don’t think I’ve heard of it. (Link?)

  6. Do keep us posted on your style of journal and the tracking idea. Ah yes – the rabbit holes – they are many and interesting. Every now and again, when they create new ideas, I find them productive.

  7. Happy Birthday to the birthday person! Have a great day. We are having an early Thanksgiving tomorrow with our local family as they will be gone on Thursday, so I’ve done a lot of baking today. See you soon! ( I, too, am easily confused on short weeks and also when we have a change in our choir rehearsal schedule like next week when it’s on Tuesday instead of Thursday.)

  8. Happy (now belated) Birthday wishes to that special person! I, too, am curious about the tracking (and agree that BUJO is not for me). Hope you’re having a good weekend!

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