Friday musings

This morning my inbox is full of tempting offers – new books, fabric and yarn clubs, patterns. So many lovely things. The urge to tap the Add to Cart button is strong. But then I remember – discernment, gratitude, balance, #cultivateahabitofgratitude.

Instead of adding in am unsubscribing. So, at least for today, the temptations are gone.

Please tell me I am not alone in this struggle.

Published by Juliann

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12 thoughts on “Friday musings

  1. You are definitely not alone! As I’m shopping for others,I seem to find more presents for myself than my intended recipients. To get rid of the temptations for things I do not need, I’ve also unsubscribed from so many emails. It felt good!

    I am in need of a good planner/notebook to start off 2019, and I wonder if you can tell me what brand your lovely green and orange leather ones are? I can’t seem to stop thinking about how lovely they are!

  2. Yup! I’ve been unsubscribing a lot (some because I ordered things as gifts for others…and have since received multiple e-mails each day from the various companies…really??). It’s easy at this time of year to be tempted when I’m busy shopping for others. Years ago, before on-line shopping, I used to order a lot of things (especially clothing) from catalogs. I read a suggestion somewhere to keep note of what you want to buy, but put the catalogs away for 2-3 weeks and then see if the appeal is still there. Many times it is not!

  3. For sure I’m cutting ties…most “invitations” I trash w/o even opening. As you say, temptation and weakness are theirs to prey upon. But, we are strong! Resist on!

  4. You are sooooo not alone with this! Besides my inbox, I have to worry about the blog sites I visit. Some bloggers are all about the latest fabrics and yarns–it makes me itchy to buy, buy, buy! Thank you for reminding me that I can choose gratitude instead.

  5. I’m avoiding a lot of the emails – then I walk into Kings Plant Barn for my regular Saturday brunch with friends and get so so tempted!I have cut out about 30 authors I was following & am working on the retailers. I feel a lot lighter when I look at my emails.

  6. You are definitely not along. I’ve been doing lots of deleting of emails, but I need to follow your lead and unsubscribe!

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