sometimes Mondays

feel more manageable when I stop and take a look back.

Just a little over a year ago our tiny person was still moving on his hands and knees – and boy was he fast! Now, on two feet he is even faster!

Just a year ago we were moving dad to health care because he was not recovering from two bouts of pneumonia. But now he has bounced back and spent most of this week writing his Christmas cards.

Almost a year ago I started a big project at work. Over and over again I ran into roadblocks but last week, the path cleared and the project is now on the move.

One last Monday before Christmas break. We can do things!

Published by Juliann

Recently retired and ready for adventure

10 thoughts on “sometimes Mondays

  1. Happy Monday, Juliann! I love looking back at journal entries from a year ago – it makes days when I feel like I am “stuck” lots better!

  2. Oh Juliann – I hope things really are looking up! That tiny person looks so … tiny! … in the photo – has it really been JUST a year?!

  3. I think that your 2019 is primed for a great start. The littles do grow fast, don’t they! Best news about your dad! And glad that your work project is “finally on a roll!”


  4. They sure do grow up quickly! We just found out that our IL family will be here for Christmas for the first time in ages. Have a wonderful holiday; your little guy is so cute!

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