Knitting Peace

I am making good progress on my Project Peace cowl. I have 3 sets of small geese completed. The pattern calls for 13 but I am reserving the right to go with fewer depending on the height. I have found the peace in this pattern, especially in the column sections. I got off track a few times but it as easy enough to spot and required very little reverse knitting. The yarn is also lovely – a hand dyed from my LYS.

I did a provisional cast on (only my second time and it went so smoothly) so I don’t have to pick up stitches for and I-cord edging. And, I think I will have enough yarn for a matching hat!

Be sure to visit Kat today.

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11 thoughts on “Knitting Peace

  1. I love the yarn…it shows up quite well in the photo. I didn’t start the cowl but I’ve toyed with the idea of making a quilted place mat or runner using the design…probably some year…or even knitting the cowl in 2019.

  2. Like everyone else- whoa! love that yarn! those specks of color make me smile … and I hope you’re knitting this for you!

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