One last Unraveled Wednesday

Just a tiny bit of unraveling this week – got ahead of myself on the decrease rows on my Stopover. But that was quickly fixed and by the end of Christmas Day, I had finished the body of this sweater. Today I will be figuring out how to knit the underarms since this is my first bottom up sweater.

Next up? I need to tackle the second sleeve on my Vintersol. I may even be able to get that sweater finished before the start of 2019. And since I am laying low for a few days, nursing a sore knee, should be plenty of time for knitting.

Happy Wednesday. Be sure to visit Kat today too.

Published by Juliann

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8 thoughts on “One last Unraveled Wednesday

  1. what a beautiful photo! your stopover is maybe my favorite of all the ones I’ve seen – your colors are perfect! and for the underarms, I recommend a 3-needle bindoff. that little bit of “seam” wears better than kitchenering, IMHO!

  2. I am with Mary on the 3-needle bind off! You probably need to pick up a couple of stitches at each end of your “live” stitches.

    And, you Stopover looks LOVELY!!

  3. I love the color combo of your Stopover. Sorry about the store knee but an excuse to relax and knit is not a bad thing.

  4. Your sweater is lovely; will you model it for us when it’s done? Sorry about your sore knee…hope the soreness is short-lived. Take care and kniton!

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