Unraveled Wednesday

Thanks for sharing your words yesterday. I loved reading your thoughts and the process. I hope you will check back on the last Tuesday of the month so we can be intentional about keeping our words visible this year.

I ended the year with a bit of unraveling. I had a sweater on the needles that was not working so I sat down on the 30th and did some unraveling. What a relief!

And then , I jumped right into prepping for two new projects. On New Years Eve, I cast on a Peavine hat using some of the yarn I brought home from Shetland. It is knit on size 2 and 3 needles which feel tiny I have my hands after finishing the Stopover on size 10. I finished the ribbing and have started the color-work.

On New Years Day, I cast on the Sólbein. For this I am using some Lopi that I bought for another sweater so another stash project. I have been watching and reading all the project notes and going slowly so I don’t need to unravel. I figure the actual speaking will be stressful enough.

I started reading Snap and it has my attention. I’m trying to get back to my podcast listening and limit my audio books. I just can’t seem to pay attention and I am missing too much.

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12 thoughts on “Unraveled Wednesday

  1. It feels so good to just unravel something that just isn’t working, doesn’t it? I love the colors you’re using for your new sweater! I wish I could wear Lopi — I just love all the patterns featuring the yarn, and I love the colors. But, alas. It just makes me itch like crazy!!! I really enjoyed reading Snap. XO

  2. The Solbein Sweater is lovely. I am very sensitive to yarn so I’ve never knit with loppi yarn before. However, that cardigan might work if I wore it over a turtle-neck shirt.

    Good for you for unraveling. sometimes that’s the only good solution.

  3. Such pretty yarns. Sometimes a good rip is just what a knitter needs. I do have a word for the year and so I’ll try to remember to join in at the end of the month. I am catching up on blog reading. I hope to find time tomorrow to write a post.

  4. Oh man! I love your Lopi colors – that will be a gorgeous sweater. I’m glad you mentioned Snap – that had been on my TBR list and then somehow I lost track of it…going back on now~!

  5. Your Lettlopi colors are stunning! I need to figure out how to balance the few podcasts I love with all the audiobooks. seems like it shouldn’t be hard to find a couple of hours each week to listen to podcasts … just like it shouldn’t be hard to find an hour a day to read blog posts!

  6. Looks like you’ve started some nice projects! I am trying to focus on finishing some UFOs before starting anything new and when I do start something, I am determined to use yarn from my stash. Snap sounds like an interesting read as I love mysteries. Now to see whether I can get it on my Kindle from the library. Take it easy and rest that knee of yours!

  7. love those colors and yay to two cast ons within 24 hours! Now that my house is empty I hope to get back to podcast listening and catching up. I don’t do audio books and miss reading my real books.

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