Sometimes Monday . . .

is looking for a recommendation or two.

My Audible subscription is coming up for renewal and I have decided to let it go. My library has lots of audio books and I have audiobooks in my Audible library that I have not listened to yet so it seems like time to take a break.

But, I still have some credits and I can’t cancel u til is use them. So, help me out with your recommendations. How should I spend my credits?

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13 thoughts on “Sometimes Monday . . .

  1. Sorry – no help from me as I don’t listen to audio books (though I may give it a try through the library). I would go with (as Sarah suggests) something from a “best of” list that you have not yet listened to/read.

  2. No suggestions from me either as I don’t do audio books. But I hope your first day back at work is a good one!

  3. Ymmv, but a few of my favorites of 2018 were Becoming, Calypso, The Unthinkable, and Mindfulness by Mark Williams and Danny Penman. Hope you find some books you enjoy!

  4. I love Audible; I think I have over 1’000 books in my library, but I’ve been a member for a long time. I started listening to books on tape when we lived in China as I was often stuck in traffic, and since I can’t read in a car as it makes me sick, I listened to books (obviously I didn’t drive myself). Now I listen while I walk, sew, clean or any activity which allows my mind to escape. I’ve listened to classics, romance, self help… the list goes on. If you want something light (but not frivolous) I adore anything by Alexander McCall Smith and I love the series The Sunday Philosophy Club as well as 44 Scotland Street.

  5. I ditto Kym’s comment … Outlander? And a few of my favorite listens from the past couple of years include Kate Atkinson’s Life After Life, Circe, Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay and Gentleman in Moscow. Good Luck!

  6. Michelle Obama’s book is very good and she narrates. It’s one I highly recommend. Kym has very good advice and classics are always something I find enjoyable and worth my time. Anything Kate Atkinson is very as are any of Mary’s other recommendations!

  7. For sure: Becoming (Michelle Obama). I also listened to “select ” chapters of The Library Book – let me know if you try that and want to know…I have an Audible account : I have suspended the account occasionally when I’m slow…don’t know if you can also “gift” books…worth an ask!

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